Lucas Layman, Forrest Shull, Paul Componation, Sue O'Brien, Dawn Sabados, Anne Carrigy, Richard Turner
L. Layman, F. Shull, P. Componation, S. O. Brien, A. Carrigy, and R. Turner, “A Methodology for Mapping System Engineering Challenges to Recommended Approaches,” in Proceedings of the 4th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference, (San Diego, CA), pp. 294–299, 2010
Publication year: 2010

Our current research is focused on identifying system engineering approaches that address four key development challenges in a tightly constrained, rapid reaction environment: 1) changing and emerging requirements; 2) conflicting stakeholder priorities; 3) concurrent sustainment and development activities; and 4) integration of independently evolving components. We are building a concept map of the key elements that form a strategic bridge between development challenges and the specific methods, processes, and tools that successfully address those challenges. In this paper, we present our methodology for constructing a robust mapping that incorporates interviews, surveys, and rigorous analysis methods. We summarize the results from interviews with sponsor personnel, the results of a best practices survey of 116 professionals, and qualitative analysis of the survey responses.