Keith Gallagher, Lucas Layman
K. Gallagher and L. Layman, β€œAre decomposition slices clones?,” in Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Program Comprehension (IWPC ’03), pp. 251–256, IEEE Comput. Soc, 2003
Publication year: 2003

When computing program slices on all variables in a system, we observed that many of these slices are the same. This leads to the question: Are we looking at software clones? We discuss the genesis of this phenomena and present some of the data observations that led to the question. The answer to our query is not immediately clear. We end by presenting arguments both pro and con. Supporting the affirmative, we observed that some slice-clones are evidently the result of the usual genesis of software clones: failure to note appropriate abstractions. Also, slice-clones assist in program comprehension by coalescing into one program fragment the computations on many different variables. Opposing the proposition, we note that slice-clones do not arise due to programmer intent or the copying of existing idioms.