Laurie Williams, D. Scott McCrickard, Lucas Layman, Khaled Hussein
L. Williams, D. S. McCrickard, L. Layman, and K. Hussein, “Eleven Guidelines for Implementing Pair Programming in the Classroom,” in Agile 2008 Conference, pp. 445–452, IEEE, 2008
Publication year: 2008

Utilizing pair programming in the classroom requires specific classroom management techniques. We have created nine guidelines for successfully implementing pair programming in the classroom. These guidelines are based on pair programming experiences spanning seven years and over one thousand students at North Carolina State University. In Fall 2007, pair programming was adopted in the undergraduate human-computer interaction (HCI) course at Virginia Tech. We present the pair programming guidelines in the context of the HCI course, discuss how the guidelines were implemented, and evaluate the general applicability and sufficiency of the guidelines. We find that eight of the nine guidelines were applicable to the Virginia Tech experience. We amended our peer evaluation guideline to account for constantly supervised pairing, as was the case at Virginia Tech. We add two guidelines stating that a pair should always be working toward a common goal and that pairs should be encouraged to find their own answers to increase their independence and self-confidence.