Laurie Williams, Lucas Layman
L. Williams and L. Layman, “Lab Partners: If They’re Good Enough for the Natural Sciences, Why Aren’t They Good Enough for Us?,” in 20th Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEET’07), pp. 72–82, IEEE, jul 2007
Publication year: 2007

Despite many professed benefits of collaboration, some computer science educators feel students need to master work individually, particularly in the courses early in the curriculum that feed into software engineering courses. In the natural sciences, however, students almost always work with one or more partners in the laboratory. What can computer science educators learn about collaborative lab settings from our natural science counterparts? We conducted a survey of science and computer science educators to compare views and use of collaboration in their classes. The positive and negative aspects of collaboration, as reported by the natural science educators, are strikingly similar to those of computer science educators. These results suggest that computer science educators should be more open to the use of collaborative labs, as is done in the natural sciences, for the overall benefit to students.