Lucas M. Layman, Laurie A. Williams, Robert St. Amant
Publication year: 2008

The earlier in the software process a fault is detected, the cheaper the cost of fixing the fault. Automated fault detection tools can provide developers with information throughout development, however, programming is a cognitively complex process and inundating the developer with information may do more harm than good. In this paper, we present MimEc, a part of the AWARE plug-in for the Eclipse integrated development environment. MimEc presents fault information to developers while they are writing code. The purpose of MimEc is to display only those faults in which a developer may be interested, thereby increasing the likelihood the developer will address the fault. MimEc infers interest in a fault based on fault criticality, relevance of the fault to the developer’s current working context, and the developer’s interactions with the programming environment. MimEc is currently under development and will be evaluated in both academic and professional settings.