Lucas Layman, Travis Cornwell, Laurie Williams
L. Layman, T. Cornwell, and L. Williams, “Personality Types, Learning Styles, and an Agile Approach to Software Engineering Education,” in Proceedings of the 37th SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, (Houston, TX), pp. 428–432, 2006
Publication year: 2006

This paper describes an initiative at North Carolina State University in which the undergraduate software engineering class was restructured in layout and in presentation. The change was made from a lecture-based coursed that followed the waterfall method to a lab-oriented course emphasizing practical tools and agile processes. We examine the new course layout from the perspective of Myers-Briggs personality types and Felder-Silverman learning styles to discuss how the new software engineering class format appeals to a wide variety of students. The new course format resulted in some of the highest student evaluations in recent course history. It is now the standard for the undergraduate software engineering course at the university and has since been used in other North Carolina institutions.